Gold! Hidden Stories of Australia’s Past

Gold! Hidden Stories of Australia’s Past


Gold! Hidden Stories of Australia’s Past is a series of 5 books written by Marji Hill.

Marji Hill, an Australian and international author of more than 70 books explores themes to do with the First Nations people, Chinese in Australia, the multicultural melting pot, Australia’s identity, democratic rights, and law and order.

Marji is also an artist. Many of her paintings are included in this series of five (5) books.



  • FIND OUT how in the lead-up to the discovery of gold with the trailblazing of the British into Victoria and beyond the lives of First Nations people were irrevocably changed.
  • LEARN about the Chinese presence on the goldfields, and whose migration to Australia gave birth to racist, anti-Chinese sentiment resulting in race-based migration restrictions and the White Australia policy.
  • DISCOVER how Australia became like a whirlpool of molten gold sucking in men and women from all over the world creating a population explosion with diverse communities and religions, different races, and different ideologies.
  • EXPLORE the seeds of the Australian uprising and how the Eureka Stockade on the goldfields in 1854 was a battle inspired by political purpose, a fight for democratic rights that cemented the nature and direction of relationships between citizens and governments in Australia forever.
  • UNCOVER a legendary past of bushrangers, whose memories had to do with their daring exploits, their amazing horsemanship, their ability to survive and hide in the bush, and their challenge to colonial authorities.

United States Viewers

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Gates of GoldGates of Gold:


The Discovery of Gold, its Legacy and its Contribution to Australian Identity

ISBN: 9780645483406


Shadows of Gold

  Shadows of Gold:

   Eureka and the Birth of Australian Democracy

   ISBN: 9780645483420


Gold and the Chinese

Gold and the Chinese:

Racism, Riots and Protest on the Australian Goldfields

ISBN:  9780645483444



Ghosts of Gold

Ghosts of Gold:

The Life and Times of Jupiter Mosman

ISBN: 9780645483468



Blood GoldBlood Gold:

Native Police, Bushrangers, and Law and Order on the Goldfields

ISBN:  9780645483482