Inspired By Country – The Book

Inspired By Country – The Book



Celebrate creativity, be inspired by Country, and learn the essential elements of painting Country with gouache.

Journey back to nature to the Springbrook National Park and be introduced to the concept of plein air painting 

  • Master the art of painting compelling outdoor compositions to create beautifully expressive subjects and themes
  • Learn time-honoured techniques of painting with the most versatile, daring and expressive of mediums – gouache.
  • Get a snapshot of Australia’s antiquity and how Indigenous Australians responded to Country through art and ceremony
  • Escape day-to-day existence and experience mindfulness at its best

Richly informative, beautifully illustrated with Marji Hill’s own paintings. Perfect for all artists who want to paint in the open air. It’s for those who want to understand that art making outdoors in Australia springs not only from an Impressionist tradition but from Australian antiquity as well.


Inspired By Country by Marji HillBe inspired by Country, appreciate its historical and cultural implications, and experience it beyond the simple visual perspective.