Artworks by Marji Hill

Artworks by Marji Hill


Australian Paintings


Australian Paintings


Step into this vibrant and visual world to view artworks by Marji Hill, an Australian artist whose canvases are windows into the soul of Australia.

Marji showcases a diverse collection of paintings that span from the artist’s formative teenage years to her most recent creations.

Marji’s artworks are a powerful mirror reflecting the intricate tapestry of Australian society.

  • Explore the nuanced dynamics of black/white relations
  • Delve into the complexities of identity and culture
  • Uncover Australia’s hidden past
  • Feel the allure of gold discoveries echoing the dreams and aspirations of generations past
  • Experience the essence of the land and sea 

Amidst the weighty themes, find moments of joy and light-heartedness. Each stroke of the brush tells a story so you can immerse yourself in the rich narrative woven throughout these pages.

Journey into Marji’s world of art and discover the essence of Australia, painted with passion, depth, and unyielding reverence for the land and its people.

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Marji Hill

Author and Coach