Marji Hill – Author

Marji Hill – Author


Marji HillMarji Hill is an international author. She has published over 65 books and 60 of these have been published by mainstream publishers.

Marji’s books promote understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. 

She, collaboratively with the late Alex Barlow, wrote books designed to inform Australians and others around the world about the richness of Australian Indigenous culture.

Marji fostered the spirit of Reconciliation in all her work ever since she was a Research Fellow in Education at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) in Canberra where she and Alex produced the seminal work – the critical, annotated bibliography Black Australia.

In 1989 Marji was the Project Co-ordinator and one of the researchers and writers of Australian Aboriginal Culture the official Australian Government publication on Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders.

Marji has now branched out into another niche – How-to books and Self-improvement. She published her first Kindle eBook and paperback Staying Young Growing Old in 2014.




Hill, Marji (2020) How Big Is Your Why? Author’s Guide to Time Management and Productivity to Achieve Transformational Results. Broadbeach, Qld, The Prison Tree Press.




Hill, Marji (2014) Staying Young Growing Old. Broadbeach, Qld, The Prison Tree Press.



Indigenous Australia


Hill, Marji (2017) First People Then And Now: Introducing Indigenous Australians. Broadbeach, Qld, The Prison Tree Press.


Hill, Marji (2018) First People Then and Now: Australian Aboriginal Heroes of the Resistance. Broadbeach, Qld, The Prison Tree Press.



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The complete list of more than 60 books by Marji Hill can be viewed here.